Back in early January after what seemed like an eternity of code porting, Gimme Five was released for Windows Store.

So after nearly a month since its release how’s it doing? Well, the Windows Store Developer hub has some interesting stats…
As you can see above there is barely a handful of downloads per day and this is not surprising considering how difficult it is to find things within the Windows Store. Basically, if your app or game is not in the spotlight (on the front page) the only way to find it is by using the store’s search functionality. This means there is very little chance of people stumbling across your app and downloading it.
As expected, the US and UK are the largest markets making up nearly three quarters of total downloads so far and as with the Windows Phone version, Gimme Five appears to be more popular with females than males.
Average ratings are on par with the Windows Phone version which is promising but with downloads so low it’s difficult to see how things will pan out in the Windows Store. Perhaps if the game is featured in the spotlight it might just manage to gain some momentum otherwise we’ll be relying on a major store redesign to allow greater exposure for new and highly rated apps.
If you’re reading this and haven’t downloaded Gimme Five yet head over to the store now!
Gimme Five for Windows Store

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