Unlucky for some?

Back in June Microsoft opened entries for their first ever Beautiful Games Award competition; a competition which set out to help UK games studios of all sizes gain exposure on the Windows Phone and Windows Store platforms.

Over 100 games studios took part in the competition submitting a total of 148 games.

The judging was carried out by an independent panel who awarded points to games based on their use of in-game visuals and sounds. The total number of downloads the game generated over the period of the competition was also factored into the score, and competitors were also encouraged to fill in a marketing plan to help them think about ways in which they might generate more downloads for their games.

Last month we were informed that we had placed in the top 20 of the competition and were invited down to Microsoft’s headquarters in London to take part in the award ceremony and find out just where we had placed. Some great prizes were on offer including a holiday for 4 in Slovakia, supercar hire gift vouchers, Nokia Lumia phones, Unity licences and GameSparks credits.

Each team was asked to submit a 30 second video to showcase their game. This was ours:

The format of the awards was a tense 60 minute countdown from 20th to 1st place.
Mogworks opened proceedings with their game ‘SteamPipes’ and it could be seen immediately that the quality of games was going to be very high.

As the numbers passed, excitement levels grew and we were really pleased to be awarded 13th place.

First place was awarded to Rebellion’s ‘Harmony Isle’.

The award ceremony rounded off with a trip to the local Brown’s Bar in Cardinal Walk where we got the chance to socialise with some of the crew from Microsoft, Unity, GameSparks, TIGA and other UK games studios.

Read the official story from Microsoft and check out the competition here:

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