Gimme Five v4.5 Changelog

This is a list of changes made in Gimme Five v4.5 due for release towards the end of March 2017 Dropped players online requirement to earn KP from 10 to 5. Completely removed NTP dependency. Players now earn 5KP for every 100 points scored at round end. Corrected some mistakes in questions reported by players. Added 70 … Continue reading Gimme Five v4.5 Changelog

Word Up is now called Wordinal

When 'Word Up' was released back in 2012, on what was then the Windows Phone 7 platform, it stood out. It was one of just a handful of word games in a tiny app store. At the time, the choice of name seemed obvious. The phrase 'Word Up' is well known. Perhaps because of Cameo's … Continue reading Word Up is now called Wordinal