Word Up is now called Wordinal

When 'Word Up' was released back in 2012, on what was then the Windows Phone 7 platform, it stood out. It was one of just a handful of word games in a tiny app store. At the time, the choice of name seemed obvious. The phrase 'Word Up' is well known. Perhaps because of Cameo's … Continue reading Word Up is now called Wordinal


Gimme Five Xbox Live Update!

After weeks of delay and many, many games of email ping pong with Microsoft I can finally announce the new release date of Gimme Five! And that date is... Friday 3rd February 2017 Upon release the game should be featured in the Xbox Live section of the Windows Store and for those of you that … Continue reading Gimme Five Xbox Live Update!

Gimme Five achievement list revealed

The guys over at http://www.trueachievements.com have just revealed the full list of Gimme Five achievements that will be available when the game hits the virtual shelves on 17th December 2017 The details of all 50 achievements totalling 1000 gamerscore can be found here. Any predictions on the TA ratio?


Gimme Five is coming to Xbox Live!

We are pleased to announce that Gimme Five is coming to Xbox Live this year!   The game is primed for release on Windows 10 on 17th December 2016 bar any last minute hiccups.   Features:   • Thousands of questions - offering guaranteed replay value • In-Game Statistics • Global Leaderboards • Player Level System • Unlockable Trophies • 50 Challenging Achievements worth … Continue reading Gimme Five is coming to Xbox Live!


Out with the old, in with the new

Since shuboarder was founded in 2009 it's had the same iconic black and white logo; An abstract analog tv screen showing the kind of snowy static you'd inevitably see when powering off your Nintendo Entertainment System. 7 years on and I'm taking things back to their snowboarding roots... Old Logo: New Logo: As our apps and … Continue reading Out with the old, in with the new