This is a list of changes made in Gimme Five v4.6 due for release towards the middle of May 2017

  • Added player level information on round end screen.
  • Replaced some static questions with new randomiser to reduce repetition and increase replay value.
  • GB/US localisation work to try and help players feel more at home e.g. Brits will now see “colour” spelt correctly 🙂
  • Each Kudos Wall item is now charged with a concept which, when equipped, will give you a perk that changes the mechanic of the game. The 5 concepts are:
    • LUCK: +50% (2% -> 4%) chance of winning KP bonuses.
    • ORDER: +20% (0% -> 20%) chance of easy questions showing up beyond question 3.
    • LOVE: +33% (0% -> 33%) chance of continuing for FREE!
    • KNOWLEDGE: +25% (0% -> 25%) chance that OUST power is not consumed.
    • CHAOS: +75% (0% -> 75%) chance of wrong answers awarding points.
  • Added Daily Challenges to allow for even more ways to earn KP.
  • Added 50 new questions.
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

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