When ‘Word Up’ was released back in 2012, on what was then the Windows Phone 7 platform, it stood out. It was one of just a handful of word games in a tiny app store.

At the time, the choice of name seemed obvious. The phrase ‘Word Up’ is well known. Perhaps because of Cameo’s 1986 hit ‘Word Up’, perhaps because of its use as a colloquial form of acknowledgement, or perhaps because of a small children’s books and arts festival hosted in London each year. Perhaps because the culmination of all previous uses of the phrase have formed something more deep-rooted and embedded in our culture? Perhaps it just sounds right?

A google search today for ‘Word Up game’ returns approximately 36,500,000 results. There are literally hundreds of indie developers who have had the same thought process:

  1. People love word games… I’ll make a word game.
  2. What should I call my game?
  3. Hmmm… Well it’s about making words,
  4. What about ‘Word Up’? – It’s a well known phrase.
  5. Perfect!

5 years on it’s time for a refresh in order to stand out from the crowd again.

I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to come up with a 100% original title for a word game and I finally got it. The moment you type ‘Wordinal’ into google, google thinks you have lost the plot and tries to correct your obvious spelling mistake.

The title Wordinal is derived from the words:

  • Word (No, really?) and
  • Ordinal

The word ‘ordinal’ relates to doing things in a certain order, which is perfect really, since the whole point of the game is to press letters in a certain order to make words.

So, when that update appears on your phone try not to panic. It’s the same old game with a simple change of name.


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