This is a list of changes made in Gimme Five v4.4 due for release towards the end of February 2017

  • Addressed a couple of offline achievement tracking display issues.
  • Fixed leaderboard ranking display issue when ranked outside top 99.
  • Fixed players online count being maxed out at 50 issue.
  • Added max. questions reached statistic to statistics page.
  • Max. questions reached is now pushed to Xbox Live at the end of every game to help ensure key achievements unlock promptly.
  • Switched to use IoT.Ntp for internet time to address issue where Kudos Points were occasionally not being awarded at the end of a game.
  • The amount of Kudos Points awarded at the end of a game now varies depending on the number of players in the game. (More players = more prizes and bigger rewards)
  • The “Pussied Out” achievement has been renamed to “Help Meow-t” (as it was deemed potentially offensive) while the conditions to unlock it remain the same.
  • Added additional hero stats to the game hub and removed the contradicting time played stat (even though in-game tracking is more accurate!)
  • Corrected some mistakes in questions reported by players.
  • Added 70 new questions
  • Added additional 5 word loading quotes to move and motivate players 🙂
  • Added WordPress “Suggest a Gimme Five Question” link to title page.

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