I’ve always wanted to make an RPG and always loved the simplicity of incremental clicker games and just how addictive super casual games can be.
I came up with the idea for Survive This Life on one of my dark philosophical days, thinking along the lines of…
What is life all about?
We spend our days working… To earn money… To consume… To survive.
It’s a viscous circle with an inevitable outcome.
There is no ‘winning’. Everybody loses in the end.
What a great, uplifting idea for a game I thought to myself and got straight to work.

The brief: 

A game that nobody can beat, where effort is rewarded with the prospect of more effort and as time passes, more effort is required to stay in the game.
A game that everyone instinctively knows how to play and will try to play as long as they can.
A game with only one possible outcome.
3 months later this little game was born.
Keep smiling and remember: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Download Survive this life for Windows Phone / PC:

Download Survive this life for Android:

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